Alzheimer’s: A Teacher’s Farewell into Forgetfulness

Talking about the devastating effects of a disease is not typically something anyone enjoys doing, especially when that disease affects someone you care about.

Eight years ago, in my first year of pharmacy school I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman. No, it wasn’t my future wife. As part of one of our classes, we visited patients at a long term care facility (LTCF) for an entire semester. For legal reasons, I can’t tell you her real name, but let’s just call her Bonnie for the purposes of this story. Bonnie was a gentle, charismatic lady with a passion for art and teaching. She was in a LTCF because she was beginning to forget things. Important things. When her family deemed she could no longer safely live on her own, they admitted her. It was a nice place that met all basic needs and then some, but it is nowhere anyone would CHOOSE to live.

Bonnie was an amazing artist. She would show me shelves of art books and loads of pencils and paints. She showed off her works from her early 20’s. Amazing watercolor paintings that looked like photographs caught my attention. I was blown away. She was also an art teacher. One day, during one of our visits, she offered to teach me how to draw. A simple task that artists use to improve their drawing skills is to try and draw an outline of an object without looking away from it. So, if there was a parrot on a perch, I would keep my eyes on the parrot, and without ever looking at my paper, draw the outline of the parrot. As a moderately proficient artist now, I can tell you that although this is no easy feat at first, a seasoned artist can make quick work of such a simple exercise. And even though Bonnie was a better artist in her 20’s than I am even now, when she tried to demonstrate this exercise all she could muster was an exaggeratedly misshapen outline. It wasn’t just a bad day. She simply couldn’t unlock those skills anymore. Or worse yet, they were lost forever. It’s not clear exactly how memory loss in Alzheimer’s occurs, but it is known that a decline in acetylcholine, acetylcholine-producing neurons, as well as acetylcholine-RECEIVING neurons are impacted. Acetylcholine is the chemical that sends signals from brain cell to brain cell when we form and retrieve memories. Without it, we couldn’t remember people’s names or where we put our keys. For Bonnie, it would take her several minutes to remember my name the first half of the semester. By the end of the semester, she would vaguely remember me and still politely smile, but I knew she couldn’t remember my name for more than a few minutes at a time. And I was alright with that. I enjoyed simply being in the moment with Bonnie, because that is all she could do. I often look back at this time in my life when I lose myself in future worries or past failures. She reminds me to stop looking forward or backward, and to just appreciate the present.

Bonnie taught me more than that though. Learning more about how memory works during school led me to realize the importance of healthy acetylcholine levels in the brain. When we are young, we don’t notice many problems, but many of you in just your LATE TWENTIES already know the struggles of a memory that seems to worsen year after year. The brain can’t make enough acetylcholine if it doesn’t have the building blocks to make it. In this case, the major building block is choline. Finding a good supplement for this isn’t hard, but be aware that products containing citicoline are especially good at crossing into the brain, so you know that what you are taking is actually making it to where it needs to go. Cognizin™ is a great brand of citicoline, and is one of the ingredients in my flagship memory and attention supplement, Lumaxon™. I’m not saying I created Lumaxon™ because of Bonnie, although I would not have hesitated to have her take it if I had it back then. I created it because even now, in my late twenties, I feel the effects of chronically working hard. I work constantly and need something for my mental energy, focus, and memory. The ingredients in Lumaxon™ are all the perfect amounts to combat fatigue and occasional memory loss. If you want to learn more, visit

Going to visit Bonnie was more and more rewarding each time, but it also grew more difficult. Towards the end, she declined faster and starting becoming more anxious. Again, I wish I could have given her Lumaxon™ back then, as L-theanine and taurine are also core ingredients, both of which help ease anxiety. However, I had nothing to offer her except my company and reassurance that it didn’t matter if she knew the names of her children, because she at least still remembered that she loved them.

At the end of the semester, I told myself that I would continue seeing Bonnie throughout the next four years of my pharmacy school career, even though it wasn’t required. I never made it to a single extra visit. Granted, I was always swamped with school work and studying, but I’m not 100% sure I would have gone even if I had the chance. The pain of seeing someone decline like that, all the way to the end… It’s not that I didn’t care, I just didn’t have the fortitude at the time. After all, she was not just a patient to me. At that point, she was a person. She was a friend. She was my art teacher.

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A Railroader’s Life: “Tough Times Turned Around”

by M. Payan

Working on the Railroad for 40 years, one tends to create strange and unusual habits. The worst of them is working on little to no sleep, day in and day out. The last 15 years before I retired, I worked sporadic, irregular and long shifts (up to 12 hours) as a Locomotive Engineer. My biggest problem was not being able to fall asleep at any given time of the day when we arrived at our destination. Sleep was crucial at this point, especially because I would be called back to work 8 to 10 hours later.

Now that I’m retired, my biggest problems are still not being able to fall sleep at a normal and regular hour and stay asleep for a prolonged period of time. I have tried melatonin, meditation and praying. I tried sleeping with a C-PAP device, for better breathing. I went as far as trying Ambien® (a very dangerous, habit forming drug). Six years after retirement, I was still struggling with my sleepless habit and I started becoming very irritable. My body just could not find a rhythm. Everything bothered and upset me, I had little to no energy, and I was even getting depressed. My dear wife of 40 years was feeling the effects of my irritability and my marriage was struggling.

A few weeks ago my daughter Michelle, a Doctor of Pharmacy, led me to an all-natural herbal nourishment for healthy brain function, memory retention, positive mood, and sustained energy that is full of antioxidants called LUMAXON™ with Cognizin®. I started taking one capsule regularly in the morning and noticed a change in my attitude and energy. I could remember things again and I was even doing my crossword puzzles! And best of all, by late evenings I felt sleepy. I started going to bed at 10 to 11 pm, which was unheard of before. I am actually resting and happy. I feel alive again.

Fortunately, LUMAXON™ is now available to the public for purchase online. I know I am not alone in my troubles, but now I have the opportunity to share the key to my success with my friends.

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Lumaxon™: Every Superhero has its Humble Beginnings

We all love tales of creation – just take a look at the movies that keep resurfacing these days: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America. How does a skinny, nerdy photographer become a web-slinging superhero? How do a handful of all-natural ingredients become your best line of defense against nagging fatigue and lack of energy?

The Problem

As pharmacists we work long hours that require focus, memory, and extreme attention to detail. Coffee and tea are great, but sometimes there’s no time to prepare that perfect cup. Energy drinks are portable, but they have tons of sugar. Even the sugar-free ones have artificial chemicals and leave something to be desired in the memory and learning department. They can also have too much caffeine, make you jittery, and give you the dreaded “crash”.

27 Formulations Later…

There is a seemingly endless list of ingredients that have been shown to improve brain function, memory, mood, and energy. You’ve probably noticed this as you were staring at the shelf of your local vitamin store. So, we narrowed it down to the top 20 ingredients based on scientific literature backing up those claims.

After exploring the proposed mechanisms of action of our top choices, we formulated different ingredient combinations that showed promise. We were specifically looking for combinations that would enhance each other, or produce synergistic effects. It took a lot of tweaking, careful measurement and calculation, as well as many man hours to find a formula that truly produced feel-good energy and the other positive effects we were looking for with minimal side effects.

27 formulations later, we arrived at what was only known in our books at the time as “FH0027”. A clean, crisp, energy-laden supplement full of antioxidants that immediately made us want to move to the next stage of testing – a survey!

Nationwide Survey

We issued Lumaxon™ samples to participants across the United States, along with a before and after survey that measured various metrics including memory retention, mood, overall energy, and focus. The results mirrored what we had already seen for ourselves – the trend among participants who took Lumaxon™ for 2 or more weeks was an overall increase in energy, positive mood, and focus. Side effects were minimal and for the most part non-existent. Overall, we were excited to finally share with our customers a great product that we as pharmacists could stand behind 100%.

From Production to You

The rest is, as they say, history! Lumaxon™ is now in production at a certified GMP facility (nothing less will do) and available exclusively at, ready for you to try risk-free! For less than the daily cost of a pricey energy drink or brand-name coffee, you can try it for yourself and if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money – no questions asked!

Create your own tale – buy Lumaxon™ today!

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Introducing Lumaxon™!

How can something found in nature be so effective for the human body and brain? We wonder this often about so many things: vegetables, healthy fats, and herbs…

Amazingly, most of the world’s population solely relies on natural, organic compounds to sustain and maintain health. As pharmacists by trade and preventative health advocates by choice, our desire is to provide a safe and natural nutritional supplement to anyone whom elevated focus, memory retention, consistent energy and mental acuity are mission critical throughout their work period.

Lumaxon is a proprietary blend of wonderfully simple, yet very complex ingredients found either in safe, delicious plants or already in our bodies, synthesized by some of the most complex machines we know of – organic enzymes.

We are so confident in Lumaxon™ that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee.

Turn your brain ON with LumaxON!

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