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What Is Lumaxon™?

Lumaxon™ is an energy and focus supplement with a proprietary blend of wonderfully simple, yet very complex ingredients found in safe, delicious plants or our bodies, synthesized by some of the most complex machines we know of – organic enzymes. Scroll down to see what’s in Lumaxon™ and why.


icon_matcha Matcha Green Tea – With a slow, steady release of caffeine, we find matcha helps prevent the crash most other caffeine-containing supplements can cause. Say goodbye to your crashes and hello to a day full of steady energy! Much richer than ordinary green tea, matcha has higher levels of EGCG. This powerful polyphenol displays antioxidant activity, helping reduce DNA and cell damage by free radicals.

icon_caffeine Caffeine – Found in tea and coffee naturally, the right amount of this sparky little molecule can kick start anyone’s engine! Although there is some pure caffeine in our product (30 mg per capsule) the majority Lumaxon’s effects derive from the synergy of all the ingredients working together. Read on to find out about them.

icon_taurine Taurine – When combined with caffeine, taurine supports cognitive performance. It is an amino acid found in the nervous system and muscles thought to help regulate heartbeat, maintain cell membranes, and affect the release of neurotransmitters (chemicals that carry signals between nerve cells) in the brain.

icon_theanine Suntheanine® L-Theanine – If you’ve ever wondered why drinking tea produces a calmer buzz than coffee even though they both have caffeine, L-Theanine is the answer. Research has proven that this chemical relaxes you. This typically also produces a better overall mood, all without making you drowsy, sedated, or sleepy. What could be more perfect for those long, stressful days at work or school? Our anti-stress, pharmaceutical-grade, Suntheanine® brand L-Theanine is produced by patented processes and is backed by clinical research.

icon_ginko Ginkgo Biloba Extract (standardized) – Ginkgo extracts are so effective that they are actually prescribed as medication in Europe. Clinical studies have shown increased memory performance and learning capacity, as well as improvements in mood. In addition, it is an antioxidant with neuroprotective properties and found to be extremely safe.

icon_cit Cognizin® Citicoline – Citicoline enhances focus and concentration by providing an adequate ongoing supply of choline to neurons. It also improves memory storage and recall as it is converted to acetylcholine, one of the major neurotransmitters involved in memory. Cognizin® brand citicoline is pharmaceutical grade and backed by clinical research.

icon_b-vitamin Vitamin B1 – Also known as thiamine, this essential vitamin can be found in a variety of plants. Our bodies can’t make it, but we require it to live and maintain healthy brain function.

icon_b-vitamin Vitamin B6 – Also known as pyridoxine, a lack of this versatile agent can lead to nerve damage. Without it your brain could not synthesize serotonin, dopamine, or norepinephrine.

icon_b-vitamin Vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamin plays a key role in maintaining proper functioning of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

What is NOT in Lumaxon™? Soy, Wheat, Lactose or Animal Products

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