Neon Green: Cool on Shoes, Not in Supplements

Why are Lumaxon capsules clear? You may have noticed some “fancy” supplement capsules out there with shiny cool colors. You may be asking yourself, “If Lumaxon is so awesome, why isn’t it shiny too? Or blue? Or lime green!?”

The answer is simple. It also ties into our company mission and promise – to remain as all-natural as possible. We are strong advocates of using supplements to better one’s self, but we also believe you should only consume what you truly need and nothing more. Dyes are not on our list of essentials.

Our dye-free approach guarantees you are putting fewer unnecessary chemicals into your body because we know that matters to you.

We also know that you trust us as pharmacists so we kept you in mind when we decided not to use animal-based capsules. Instead, we use Veggie Caps. We took it further and made sure not to add any soy, wheat, gluten, yeast or lactose to our products.

So the next time you pop open your bottle of Lumaxon, know that the lack of color is NOT a lack of quality, but a commitment to our values and to you!

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