A Railroader’s Life: “Tough Times Turned Around”

by M. Payan

Working on the Railroad for 40 years, one tends to create strange and unusual habits. The worst of them is working on little to no sleep, day in and day out. The last 15 years before I retired, I worked sporadic, irregular and long shifts (up to 12 hours) as a Locomotive Engineer. My biggest problem was not being able to fall asleep at any given time of the day when we arrived at our destination. Sleep was crucial at this point, especially because I would be called back to work 8 to 10 hours later.

Now that I’m retired, my biggest problems are still not being able to fall sleep at a normal and regular hour and stay asleep for a prolonged period of time. I have tried melatonin, meditation and praying. I tried sleeping with a C-PAP device, for better breathing. I went as far as trying Ambien® (a very dangerous, habit forming drug). Six years after retirement, I was still struggling with my sleepless habit and I started becoming very irritable. My body just could not find a rhythm. Everything bothered and upset me, I had little to no energy, and I was even getting depressed. My dear wife of 40 years was feeling the effects of my irritability and my marriage was struggling.

A few weeks ago my daughter Michelle, a Doctor of Pharmacy, led me to an all-natural herbal nourishment for healthy brain function, memory retention, positive mood, and sustained energy that is full of antioxidants called LUMAXON™ with Cognizin®. I started taking one capsule regularly in the morning and noticed a change in my attitude and energy. I could remember things again and I was even doing my crossword puzzles! And best of all, by late evenings I felt sleepy. I started going to bed at 10 to 11 pm, which was unheard of before. I am actually resting and happy. I feel alive again.

Fortunately, LUMAXON™ is now available to the public for purchase online. I know I am not alone in my troubles, but now I have the opportunity to share the key to my success with my friends.

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    Greatest supplement out there !

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