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Have you ever wondered what is in a focus supplement? Have you ever heard of citicoline? It is the generic name for synthetic CDP-choline (cytidine diphosphate choline), which happens to be an organic molecule that is produced within the body and that is found in all living cells. It allows for the synthesis of phospholipids that are integral components of our cell membranes; these include phoshphatidylserine, phoshpatidlycholine, and phoshpatidyl-ethanolamine. Because our cell membranes are continuously being destroyed by the body, these phospholipids have to synthesize continuously to make sure that our cells function like they are supposed to.

Often called a ‘brain nutrient,’ citicoline is known to increase the levels of several essential neurotransmitters in the body. These include noradrenaline, acetylcholine, and dopamine. This molecule helps to maintain the integrity of our cell membranes and also helps to increase our production of energy in the frontal cortex.

What is Citicoline?

In other words, citicoline helps to enhance concentration and provides a continuous supply of choline to the neurons in the human body. This molecule also helps to improve both memory recall and storage as it is synthesized into acetylcholine; which happens to be one of the major transmitters that is involved with memory.

Because many foods contain low to no amounts of CDP-choline, our diets are not typically a good source of this molecule. In fact, the best sources are brains and liver; two foods that are not in the typical American diet. To make up for this shortage, CDP-choline can be created from dietary choline that is found in eggs, beef, and other similar foods.

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Benefits of Citicoline

1. Citicoline plays a variety of essential roles in the brain
2. Helps to maintain cell integrity
3. Increases the synthesis of neurotransmitters which enhances cell signaling
4. Increase brain metabolism and blood flow
5. Helps to reduce oxidative stress and promote a normal inflammatory response

Studies show that citicoline plays a big part in the support of normal brain function and structure; which may hold benefits for the cognitive function in aging. In fact, studies have shown that when supplemental citicoline was given to certain groups of elderly people, the subjects showed an improvement in attention, memory, reaction time, and more.

Do you suffer from memory loss or reduced brain function? Do you need a citicoline supplement? Luxamon is a focus and energy supplement that contains a proprietary blend of helpful substances, like citicoline, B vitamins, and more, in order to promote wellness and health within the human body. This mix of essential vitamins and minerals will help you maintain a good mood, increase your focus, and will provide you with all day energy so that you can handle the daily stresses of your life without missing a beat.

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